Product Description: Promethazine Hydrochloride and Codeine Phosphate Syrup CV

Description: 6.25 mg/10 mg per 5 mL Boysenberry Flavored Syrup

Compare To: Phenergan® with Codeine

Size: 473 mL

Unit of Sale: 1

Type: Rx

Orange Book: AA

Storage: Store at 20° to 25°C (68° to 77°F) [see USP Controlled Room Temperature]. Protect from light.

Each Bottle contains 6.25mg of promethazine hydrochloride, 10 mg of codeine phosphate and 7% alcohol.

11 reviews for Akorn Promethazine Lean

  1. William

    Amazing strain, this is a stain that will have you couch locked in less than a gram!! 😊 And shoutout to their amazing customer service it’s fast and everyone that works here is very educated

  2. Damian

    This indica strain is for people that like sativas. It promotes full body relaxation and mild euphoria, like most indicas, but doesn’t make you a couch zombie. And like many sativas, it promotes creativity and socialization. It’s also decent pain medicine, helping get through a some carpal tunnel issues.

  3. gabecaca

    Lovely staff and well knowledgeable, great products

  4. Feng Mian

    Personal stash for a while dank af

  5. Elizabeth

    I wouldn’t say I felt like a Promethazine, but I felt like a rock after smoking this. It dazed me and made me melt into the couch. I had this shit eating grin while watching tv. The smoke fills your lungs and you can taste a bit of berry and kush. The smoke is thick as if it were fog and the head high is a good way to slip away into bliss.

  6. Walters

    Great indica if you like indicas that hit you hard and make you wanna relax and vibe out. Akorn Promethazine Lean> Nearly all indicas Most indicas are just not capable of this indica. Most indicas dont have relief from headaches and pain (which help me go to sleep) Most indicas do not medicate headache relief making them just a contending musician to the Akorn Promethazine Lean.

  7. Michael

    Wonderful staff and excellent quality product. I wish they offered more variety with product with terpenes. Also their prices are way too high.

  8. Valarie A. Roberts

    The team at Etain is the best! It is amazing to have such great product in a location easily to get to (and they have delivery too). The prices may seem high, however I can ensure you they have the best product and last much longer than some other dispensaries. Go team Etain!! You are wonderful!

  9. Valerie S

    I was excited to learn etain carried flower however after showing me a nice bud in a jar, and indicating the flower I get was ground, I placed an order. When I got home, the flower was terribly dry. Absolutely horrible product that cost $150 for 7 grams. DO NOT BUY GROUND FLOWER AT ETAIN NYC

  10. Fabrice Steve

    Relaxed and Comfortable

  11. Morata

    The new location is super nice and has a lot of commute options nearby. I’ve been twice and the same guy working the counter was there both times and he is the best. I want to come back just to talk to him. The products are not the best in my honest opinion. I’ve tried the lozenges that didn’t do anything for me, the small forte vape which had nothing in it pretty much and now the ground flower that smelled nice but was dry as straw.

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