Buy Barewoods Russian Cream, Wild Rum, Banana, Grape & Vanilla Pre Rolls Online. All of Barewoods pre-rolls are quality assurance tested by independent laboratories, allowing their customers to rest easy that they’re smoking the best. Working with several testing labs and facilities, Barewoods’ products test for pesticides, residual solvents, terpenes, and potency.


Barewoods pre-rolls come in a variety of sophisticated, decadent flavors guaranteed to fit a broad spectrum of discerning palates. Collaborating with Moxie, Jungle Boys, Rascal Genetics and a growing list of industry leaders, Barewoods rolls their blunts with the best quality strain-specific flowers around.

They then infuse their full gram of flower per joint with 0.2g of strain-specific extract. Consumers love their Honey Bourbon, Sweet Aromatic and Honey Berry Barewoods, all tipped with their signature glass tip. Unsurprisingly, Barewoods quality is a huge hit at festivals, winning Best Product overall at the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup.

10 reviews for Barewoods Russian Cream, Wild Rum, Banana, Grape & Vanilla Pre Rolls

  1. Jackson

    Definitely a good daytime smoke! Love this strain when its sunny out!! It makes you happy, energetic, and focused. I smoke this before hiking or fishing. Highly recommend this strain for a beautiful sunny day!!

  2. Ella

    The mimosa flowers I received, where from one of the California cookies locations. It’s smells and tastes just like the name! Super fruity smell and great uplifting high! The terpenes are out of this world!! Literally smells like a mimosa! It has a citrus taste but not so strong that it’s sour or hurts your throat! A perfect flower to enjoy outside! Cultivated by the jungle boys!

  3. Logan

    Excellent to stop periods of depression and anxiety

  4. Scarlett

    This is a good choice for anytime really. I’ve been looking for something to replace my favorite strain: orange cookie. This one does a pretty good job with uplifting my mood but makes me a bit more sleepy than orange cookie did. Minutes after I had it, I began to feel extremely focused. I feel like the effects are more calming than energizing. Overall, I would get it again.

  5. Grace

    Amazing aroma. Gave me a very buzzy feeling in my head. The focus and energy effects are very strong. I prefer this in lower doses. It gives me a migraine aura, but a headache does not develop. I get the same symptom from Purple Punch

  6. Aiden

    Super uplifting, a nice slow smoke with a subtle head buzz at first but like the description and name of strain implies, something that can really “mess you up” in higher doses. Extremely tingly body buzz—I feel lightheaded and like my body is buzzing, so there is that painkilling element. The taste is unique, and it is soothing altogether. A nice, balanced, clearheaded hybrid.

  7. Joseph

    The smell is top notch, reminiscent of a fizzy orange soda. Sweet and smooth on the exhale. It’s a creeping high but a functional one, leaving you relaxed but energized enough to face the day.

  8. Chloe

    This strain has that Sunday brunch feeling. The name of this strain compliments the effects it has. Very euphoric feeling that lifts your spirits and allows you to stay productive throughout your day. Good show

  9. Avery

    I’m more of an Indica type of girl due to anxiety, Barewoods Russian Cream, and an already to high strung mind. Yet, this strand is just right! It makes me talk a lot, socialize, and feel comfortable. A very good day time (functional if done right) strain.

  10. David

    Great wake and bake. Very uplifting and focused high. No hint of paranoia. This is perfect for a good outdoor adventure.

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