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8 reviews for Premium cannacavi moonrocks

  1. Michelle

    Vaped a small bowl in my Silver Surfer and it obliterated my back pain (I have “mild” scoliosis). I am a daily vaper with a HIGH tolerance, usually I would need several bowls to feel effects even from the highest THC/CBD flower or shatter. With Rockstar a little goes a long way for me and I like the uplifting cerebral high. #2221

  2. Dorothy

    soo wird, I feel heavy, good slowmotion effect, and feel like theres no more gravity when you are in your bed haha

  3. Kenneth

    I vaporized this strain using my G Pen Pro and it gave me a body high, and almost no psychoactive high. I was much more attentive to my surroundings and the cold Canadian Winters weren’t so bad anymore. While riding my motorcycle this made a long trip home seem like a mission rather than just getting home. The munchies are through the roof on this one. I ate 3 plates of Rice and Jerk chicken in one sitting. The bud itself tasted very earthy and like grass almost with that pungent cannabis aroma. The bud was very sticky and had good trichromes. It wasn’t the best with my grinder, especially the cheese grater cards. This bud at the end of its short high which is 2 hours max, knocked me out till the morning. Recommended on movie nights, smoke before watching, and you will be out by the end. Highly recommended for relaxing and people with anxiety and sleep related disorders.

  4. Carol

    Premium cannacavi moonrocks or OG Rockstar is a very potent strain, very strong head high with euphoric feel in comfortable atmosphere. Very beautiful aswell.

  5. Joshua

    The more you smoke the more you feel like a Premium cannacavi moonrocks. The best thing about this strain is that you do not feel a burnout unless your hitting constant 5 min bowls you’ll be knocked out. You do not get tired from this but you will be lifted

  6. Amanda

    Premium cannacavi moonrocks is a heavy indica probley one of the heaviest indicas i know of and it hits u super hard at first with an uplifting high for 10 minutes and then it knoks u in the face and leaves u stuck to the couch, really Euphoric forsure a mood changer, on a medical stand point, i noticed this would perfect for insomnia, and people who suffer from headaches or migraines without a dought for pain, anxiety and depression. its smells kind of skunky with citrus undertones and super pungent. good strain in my books, 4.5 out 5.

  7. Brian

    Great bud for people who don’t like that “bugging out” feeling a genuine sativa will give you. Rockstar gives you gentle euphoria. It’s not the kind of bud that will send you into uncontrollable fits of laughter though. At the same time, Rockstar does not give you that couch-lock feeling, one is still capable of functioning and its effect is not debilitating in any way. It brings about a rather balanced high.

  8. Kevin

    For an indica dominant hybrid 60%/40% Rock Star certainly packs a full bodied punch. I felt the uplifting headiness come on instantly and a relaxing buzz slowly creep up and wash over my body. I found this herb to be soothing to the muscles and mind, and also a good appetite stimulant and anti-emetic. Works great for headaches and any type of body pain and won’t weigh you down or give you a dulled mind like heavier indicas. 9/10 will get again

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