Space moonrock cannacavi

Our space Moonrocks are made with premium OG flower infused with premium THC distillate oil and rolled in ultra-potent kief. space Moonrocks taste just like an OG and blasts you off to space where pain and other medical ailments fade away with ease. Perfect for smoking by themselves or adding to any bowl, joint, or blunt.



8 reviews for space moonrock cannacavi

  1. Melissa

    I recently ordered this strain from Tilray and initially was disappointed in the size of the buds received. On closer inspection i realized these were very dense buds that were covered in crystals. The buds had a very strong earthy and pungent smell, my disappointment quickly faded. I busted up a bud and rolled a spliff and smoked half.

  2. Deborah

    Taste is fantastic. Smooth smoke from bong, tasty vapour from vape. So potent, was totally unexpected, even for a daily toker and vaper. The high is definitely that of an indica, although there are still intense cerebral effects, which is the only reason I didn’t rate this a 5/5 in fact; The effects can become much too intense mentally making it hard to fall asleep. Especially since its hard to not get too high because its strong as f lol… I have been vaping it while writing this review and now I’m confused as to where I even am in this sea of a paragraph. Oh well. IH ya guys its so strong like so so potent its hitting hard af atm lol I’m still so surprised every time how extreme the high is. loop The nugs smell delicious, sweet and earth, very sticky, crystal covered popcorn nugs.

  3. Ronald

    Very nice smoke. The taste is very nice and the high is strong and long lasting.

  4. Edward

    Gets you shittered.

  5. Stephanie

    This weed got me so high i sat down on the couch and started buckling up my seatbelt

  6. Timothy

    Feeling spaced out, and completely relaxed, just wanna lay here and keep my eyes closed and wake up tomorrow to a fresh bowl of the space moonrock cannacavi to send me back to bed for the whole day again, you reallly dont want to do anything when smoking this bud, Well I dont lol. anyways, really good taste and effects, smells kush like, but as the bud gets drier t starts to smell more earthy, anyways its a very nice strain to get relaxed on i fully recommend it to anyone seeking those effects!

  7. George

    Trippy and Powerful. Yikes. My limbs felt weak, I forgot to breathe, I was so baked. Too baked truthfully, at least for a stretch of about 30 – 45 minutes before the “edge” wore off. All I can say is go easy. One or two tokes then wait! Give it 15 minutes, then ask yourself how you feel. Trust me. Powerful indica cannabis.

  8. Rebecca

    I really like how laid back and giggly this stuff makes me. It has a VERY interesting taste (spice and pepper, I think?), but it goes down smoothly, for the most part. Some tokes have been a little hard on me, but that’s only if I take too much at a time. This is a favourite for sitting down, watching Youtube, and falling asleep with vivid and fantastical dreams. I love sleeping with this stuff, and it’s nice that it actually helps me with my terrible insomnia.

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